Small business owners are encouraged to “brand” their businesses with a logo and a set of consistent marketing materials — a brand identity system. A logo and consistent marketing materials can increase your sales and revenue, because they convey the following impressions:

  • To convey that you are established. A logo and professionally-printed materials show that you are committed to both your business and your clients. It also makes you look like you’ve been around for some time, and that you’re stable.
  • To attract more clients. Some clients look for a well-defined company, and “look and feel” may be one of their criteria in making a purchasing decision. Others are “wowed” by professional-looking materials, and your logo may impress them into buying.
  • To increase your credibility. A logo makes you look experienced and professional, and can go a long way towards making your business appear credible. And, if you’d like to be known as an expert in your field, this type of credibility is the first thing you have to establish.
  • To be more memorable. Most people remember better what they see than what they hear or read. So having graphics associated with your business and having consistent graphics on your business materials make you more likely to come to the forefront of potential clients’ minds when they have a need for your goods or services.
  • To stand out in your field. A well-designed logo and an identity system can put you far above the competition, especially if they are paired with a strong marketing program.
  • To look “bigger.” Home-printed business cards with perforated edges or cards printed with standard designs available through cheap software or online business card sellers scream “small-time” to your potential clients.
  • To explain your company name. If your company name contains a little-known word or an acronym, the logo can give visual clues to its meaning.
  • To describe an unusual line of business. If your business is non-traditional or in a hard-to-explain industry, a logo can help to explain exactly what it is that you do by offering a visual reference.
  • To show what practices differentiate you from your competition. A well-designed logo can have many subtle meanings and can begin to tell the story of how you do business, including the special practices that make you stand apart from the competition.


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